Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Custom PrefinishingWire brushing, hand scrapping, hit & miss, shrunk face are methods that we use to sculpt the wood flooring surface to achieve a certain texture or feel. Altering the boards' flat surface provides an unrefined soft character that you can only achieve with wood. You can accentuate this uneven surface with glazes, resulting in dramatic pieces of art that can replicate the natural patina that is attractive in weathered wood.

To achieve a certain look, fuming and carbonizing processes are required, which can only be accomplished in a sealed facility, and more complicated processes of chemically aging wood involve many steps so any floor that requires the look that these processes offer, have to be prefinished.

I have partnered with a mill that produces square edge flooring with a tolerance of .001 height differential, which can be installed without sanding, and enables me to offer square edge wire brushed flooring, which is very unique, as most prefinished flooring requires a beveled edge because of imperfect milling tolerances. Proper wire brushing cannot be done after the installation. The only way to achieve a totally clean, modern and contemporary look is with square edge flooring or sight sanded, and you can't sand a previously wire brushed floor.

My prefinished flooring is available in solid, engineered and solid core, from 5 – 20 inches in width and 4 – 20 feet in length, depending on the species of wood. All prefinished flooring involves the same process as a site finished floor, with color samples, followed by a final 3ft. x 3ft. sample, to accurately depict the finished installed product. I have been working with Carlisle wide plank flooring for many years, because their products are of the highest standards. Working together, we can create both classically timeless and modern prefinished flooring.

By crafting my own unique floors and partnering with Carlisle, I am able to fulfill any requested design.