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       Hardwood Flooring Repair

Flooring RepairWood flooring repairs are an unfortunate reality in an imperfect world. With the standard level of quality work lowering and cheaper materials being used as competition increases, the result is construction failures at epidemic proportions. It is your wood floor that takes the brunt of these compromises more than any other surface in your home, due to two natural physical laws, which are gravity and enthalpic evaporation.

Gravity is an easy one to understand. Plumbing failures are one, and I'm sure that most know someone who has had one, and where does water settle after failed plumbing, the floor. When you drop something, where does it go, and what does everything rest on. From the appliance installer sliding the appliances into place with no protection, leaving deep gouges to the demo of bathroom tile with only paper over the wood flooring, leaving dents and scratches to the painter who thinks he can do his job with out covering the entire floor. Damaged wood flooring is typically the result of a general lack of care for the floor because, well, it's under you feet, so what ever.

Enthalpic evaporation in more difficult to understand and I really don't think you want to get that technical, suffice to say, with proper substrate preparation, you can alleviate this possible problem, but unfortunately too many installers don't.

To repair flooring correctly and provide a finished repair that looks as it did originally, is an art that requires skill and special tools that aren't used in flooring installations, so don't hire a flooring installer, assuming that he is prepared to repair your flooring correctly.

Flooring repair include:

• Pulling boards when necessary and replacing with the new boards to fit in with existing tongues and grooves.
• Injecting epoxy to fill hollow spots & squeaks, and filling the injection hole with color matched putty.
• Pulling out indentations without sanding.
• Sanding when necessary, and color matching the stain, if applicable, and the finish.

Repairing stuff is just a fact of life, it's the second law of thermos dynamics and is the world in which we live, so when you have to do it, just have it done right, because a bad repair, is just bad, and will be a constant thorn in your side until addressed correctly.